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All beds & mattresses shown in these videos are among those to be seen in store.

SilentNight Geltex:

Ideal for ‘twisters & turners’, the Silentnight Geltex – the intelligent, gel-infused foam layer allows you to wake up revitalised! Its enhanced breathability, when compared to memory foam, lets air pass through, preventing overheating. It’s also highly elastic, allowing free movement as you toss and turn throughout the night – without waking. And offers very luxurious comfort and which delivers soothing pressure relief.

SilentNight Naturals:

The Silentnight ‘Naturals’ range is handcrafted with an experts touch – ideal for luxury seekers. The naturally sourced silk, wool & cashmere layer offers indulgent luxury – allowing you to enjoy a truly blissful sleep. Breathable fibres regulate your body temperature to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It also allows free movement with undisturbed peace. With removed allergens and pollutants, it is also foam and chemical treatment free – and better for a safer and healthier sleeping environment.

SilentNight EcoComfort:
EcoComfort fibres are breathable, allowing more air to pass through – transporting heat & moisture away from the body – for a cooler, more refreshing night’s sleep. Made from recycled plastic bottles, and fully recyclable at end of life – it’s great for the environment, as well as your sleep.

500 beds
& mattresses
always in stock

500 beds & mattresses always in stock


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